A Hot Night

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September 15, 2006
Today was a good day
October 2, 2006

A Hot Night


Yesterday, I was in the apartment all day. I couldn’t sleep the night before. So I just chilled, slept for about 4-5 hours during the day, and just lounged around. Jason was out with David playin ball. When they were done, they were trying to go to one of our favorite spots. The local BBQ spot. I could not turn this one down. I had to “get up, get out, and get something. Can’t let the days of your life pass by” ( a quote from a very positive song by OutKast.) And so began the Hot Night.

The food was hot and fresh off the grill; and very delicious as always. We also had a live dinner time movie. There was a couple arguing right on the corner. Although we couldn’t understand what was going on, it was very interesting. The guy was raising his voice to his girlfriend, and if I am not mistaken either the guy’s or the girl’s parents were right there letting this all happen. Then the guy called some friends of his and more folks made their way to the corner. We almost decided to get up and leave. But we stayed and all the commotion eventually died down.

On our walk home, (yes… walk. If you plan on ever coming to China, bring some comfortable shoes) I saw a store across the street with a lot of guitars hanging on the wall. As I looked closer, there was a drum set in the middle of the floor and a couple guys playing their instruments.

I have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, so I asked David if he thought they would let me play the drums. There was only one way to find out.

They said Yes!!! I don’t think you understand how happy I was. This is really what made the night Hot. Now I can say I played the drums in China. This was my first time in my life ever playing the drums. Let me know what you think…

I may go back for some lessons….

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