The World of Sport

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August 30, 2006
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September 7, 2006

The World of Sport

Still playing catch up with these journals…

Although we live about 45 minutes from the school where we will be teaching, we live in an area of the city with many colleges. Those being Fudan University (the most famous here in Shanghai), Tongji Unversity, The Shanghai University of Pharmacy, and where this post will start; the Shanghai University of Sport.

Yes, you read correctly… a college dedicated to sport. It is located at the end of the street on which we live. We found it by riding on the bus to the everything store one day and figured out that we could play basketball there. Since then we have been out there almost everyday playing ball. Our first day out there, you would have thought we were visiting NBA players. We had a nice fan section hanging out outside the gate watching Jason and I shoot around. (We weren’t even playing a game).

The next day two guys came in while we were playing and gathered up the courage to ask us to play a game with them. We did and it was cool. Although we couldn’t communicate very well in spoken language, the “language of basketball” was the same.

We continued to to go the court almost everyday… One day some guys came in from the tennis courts. There were four of them. They wanted to play with us, and we played a 3 on 3. These guys were better than the first two guys we played with. We played a couple games with them, had their friend take some pictures and a video of us playing (Thanks Easy… thats her name). This was the start of some new friendships.

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